The Young Women’s Leadership Program has been active since 2006 and has had numerous accomplishments over the years. Below you’ll find a brief listing of the success the program has had, organized by year.

2010 (to date)

  • Held the first YWLP house party (4 held to date)
  • Announced the 4th annual essay contest
  • Volunteered at various community events including the AIDS Walk, the Race for the Cure and Foodshare
  • Honored essay contest winners at Women’s Day at the Capitol
  • Released a publication highlighting winners from the essay contest
  • Created the YWLP Volunteer Program
  • Held an event on Pay Equity Day
  • Continued with newsletter (quarterly)


  • Created the YWLP quarterly newsletter
  • Polled members and created legislative priorities based off of their responses
  • Testified on 17 bills
  • Spoke to several groups about the YWLP
  • Co-sponsored PCSW’s Talent Bank Networking Event
  • Co-Sponsored an event geared at celebrating women in public service
  • Held an intergenerational coffee house on pay equity day
  • Conducted the third essay contest—this time for seniors in high school
  • Created the YWLP House Party Program
  • Held a successful YWLP networking event


  • Polled YWLP members about legislative issues and used the poll results to establish legislative priorities for young women
  • Created seven research briefs about different topics that affect young women including emergency shelter, educational equality, financial literacy, reproductive health, health literacy, housing and affordable education.
  • Testified on 29 bills
  • Held two networking events for women ages 18-35
  • Held a photo shoot and created two posters marketing the YWLP
  • Created a YWLP facebook page
  • Created giveaways including a small mirror that reads “This is what a leader looks like”


  • Conducted the second annual essay contest for high school students with the topic of the wage gap
  • Created legislative priorities for young women
  • Testified on 44 bills highlighting how they would impact young women
  • Created a display about young women’s leadership that was shown at the state capital for two weeks during legislative session
  • Opened up the YWLP to membership
  • Spoke to all Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) Resident Assistants about body image and leadership
  • Created a YWLP myspace page (no longer active – the focus is currently on facebook)
  • Conducted body image workshops at Making Women Visible Day and presented to over 50 girlscouts
  • Co-sponsored a reproductive justice networking event
  • Spoke to high school students about the role of gender in leadership and what a leader looks like


  • Established the first steering committee
  • Created an essay contest for high school students with the topic of a female president
  • Using essays from the contest the program created a publication titled Young Voice on Women’s Leadership
  • Created legislative priorities for young women ages 18-35– the first organization in the state to do so
  • Spoke to various organizations and college campuses about legislative advocacy and body image and the media
  • Created a page on the PCSW website for the YWLP