I have to take issue with two Dec. 10 editorials. One criticized a recent budget vote for failing to “eliminate such luxuries as the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women” [“Tough Talk With Unions”]. The other called legislation to begin planning for paid family and medical leave a “rat” [“No Way To Make Law”].

Women make up over half the population of Connecticut. They are not merely “a constituency.” And perhaps it’s the failure of political and media leaders to recognize that fact that explains why the United States is the only country in the developed world not to have a system of paid family and medical leave.

The editorial goes on to suggest that its “constituency” — presumably women — should pay for the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women. But should veterans now be the only folks who have to pay for our Department of Veterans Affairs? Should people with developmental disabilities now have to generate revenue for the Department of Developmental Services?

It is in our economic self-interest as a state to make sure women have pay equity, access to paid family and medical leave, and equal opportunities across the board.

Matthew Lesser, Middletown

The writer is a Democratic state representative from the 100th District.

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