We are fortunate to have support from many of Connecticut’s Constitutional Officers, elected officials, corporations, small-business, non-profits and from individuals throughout the state.

The National Association of Commissions for Women (NACW)

“The PCSW has unselfishly shared its ideas and experience with commissions across the country, providing a much needed real-life reference for countless women’s commissions. In this unique work, it is crucial that those who possess talent and expertise counsel new and developing commissions to ensure their success.”

The Anti-Defamation League

“The commission are an invaluable resource to the community and provide an important voice representing the interest of African-Americans, Latinos, women and Asian Pacific Americans in the state. Their role monitoring legislation, helping to develop signifigant policy and iniatives and holding government accountable is vital to serving the needs of their representative communities.”

LaResse L. Harvey, A Better Way Foundation

“The past 35 years of successful work done by PSCW should be commended. PSCW has fought for equal rights for women that enhanced the quality of life for them and their families.”

Susan S. Addiss, Former Connecticut Commissioner of Health

“PCSW’s work has resulted improvements in the economic and financial security, as well as the health and safety of Connecticut’s women. The commission has address such important women’s issues as sexual harassment, family and medical leave, gender-specific health insurance coverage, and trafficking, to name just a few.”

Carol Buckheit, Love Makes a Family

“PCSW insures that women continue to be at the table and continue to have a voice, and there is no more stronger voice for women in Connecticut than PCSW.”

 Cari Carter-Pieridea (Former YWLP Steering Committee Member)

“In 2006, I was asked to be involved with a new program that the PCSW was starting called the Young Women’s Leadership Program. This group of young women not only cared about the issues of young women in CT they also realized that they needed a voice at the legislature. The issues that young women deal with are different that those of women and those of girls, so to be a part of a group that was ready to bring this voice to the table was an amazing experience. Through this experience with the YWLP, I was introduced to so many amazing young women and realized that there were opportunities to get even more involved in issues dealing directly with young women and health care.”

Daphne Davis

“I can not express enough how much the support from the PCSW has changed my life. Through the program PCSW provided, I gained the confidence and motivation to pick myself up and not be a victim anymore because of my past. I got my driver’s license and a car. I worked extremely hard to get my high school diploma. I am thrilled to be attending Capital Community College in the Spring to pursue a career as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.”

Randi Frank

“I was trained to provide sexual harassment prevention training for municipal governments by the previous director of PCSW. I have used this skill to provide sexual harassment prevention training as a consultant. Even though the law about preventing sexual harassment and the law related to training of supervisors about sexual harassment have been in place for over 20 years I still handle questions about this issue on a regular basis. Without PCSW this important issue that women have to deal with will not be on the front burner. This is only one example of what PCSW has done for women in the workplace.”

Jillian Gilchrest (Co-Chair of the YWLP)

“For me personally, being a steering committee member of the Young Women’s Leadership Program has had a direct impact on my life. When I joined the YWLP, I had aspirations of being a leader on women’s issues in the state, but didn’t quite have the leadership skills to make that vision a reality. Since joining the YWLP, I have become a board member of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a trustee of the National Association of Social Work Connecticut Chapter Political Action Committee, and the Executive Director of NARAL Pro‐Choice Connecticut, a statewide non‐profit organization.”