My name is Olivia Heinrich and I am 14 years old. I work hard, take honors classes and plan on attending college after high school.  I will work hard in college too.  Unfortunately, when I get a job after college, I know that if I stay in Connecticut, I will earn 78% of what the boys in my classes earn.  Why?  Because I’m a girl.  I also know that this figure has changed little since 2007 and at this rate, I won’t get equal pay until 2050.  I will be 52 years old by then.  Essentially, the boys in my class, because they are boys, will earn $2 million dollars more in their lifetimes than I will, even though I work harder and get better grades than they do.

That isn’t fair.

The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women is important because they fight for me and for other girls to fix problems like these.