PCSW plays a crucial organization in the state. PCSW leads and organizes Young Women Rising, a group of 18-35 year old women from across the state. This group provides leadership, service, and connection to women beginning their careers and starting their families. As a young professional, this type of connection does not exist elsewhere. It has helped me remain in CT despite the urge to leave for an area with more young people in this age range. PCSW is convening this group and motivating me to work and support other women.

An organization working on issues ranging from economic security to health care, PCSW is truly working to uplift all women and families. Women do have more rights than when PCSW first began in the 1970s, but the fight continues. CT must put women and women’s rights at the forefront because inequality persists. Without PCSW fighting against such injustice, all women will lose a champion, advocate, and supporter.