The PCSW is one of the only ways that I feel the legislature “hears” who I am. PCSW works tirelessly to recognize and address the collective concerns of women in this state – and I am proud to know they have our back. The commission boldly tackles the issues that matter to my survival and prosperity! Their work to identify and eradicate inequality (whether of the deliberate kind or not), to serve as a public voice for women’s issues which are underrepresented in all public spheres, and to engage the public is integral in working toward a fair and just society. Also, there is simply something very inspiring about their efforts and that effect cannot be underestimated! Women’s lives are replete with gender-specific challenges and barriers that men may not realize or have little motivation to solve. Our experiences as women should not have to be translated into themes that men can understand; we should simply be represented for who we are and what we experience every day. Women’s lives feature varied societal roles, each with their own unique barriers and obstacles. We all need these issues represented permanently in our state government. The PCSW not only makes women heard but provides accountability and fuel, so we can do the essential work of evolving our own communities for the better – thus benefiting everyone.