Women need a visible and viable outlet to let us know where we can turn when we need information and assistance, not only when we hit the glass ceiling but when we hit any kind of institutional wall. Women, for hundreds of years have said “This has got to change. Somebody has to do something about this. But what can I do? I’m only one person.” We all have our own version of a significant issue that’s too overwhelming, too enormous, too intimidating, and apparently too far away from our own sphere of influence to do anything except break our hearts or make us furious and frustrated.  Every woman has a “this” keeping her up at night: the rights for girls to be educated; violence against those who can least protect themselves; the systematic exploitation of those who can least make their own case; the plight of abused girls and women. We wring our hands and break our hearts, believing ourselves powerless. The PCSW has changed that. It removes the word “only”: it has turned the phrase “I’m one person” into a battle cry and, dare I say, a vote of encouragement. It reaffirms during the toughest of times that a woman is fully a citizen and a person of conviction and courage who has a voice, a vote, and a group backing them up.