One of the most important roles that the PCSW has played has been to bring a high level of professionalism to the discussion of women in our state. They initiate studies that elucidate not only the issues, but offer solutions.  They are a voice for women, not only through the data that they gather, compile and distribute, they are a voice for at the table, sometimes the only voice.

It was the PCSW that worked diligently to ensure that all women in the Waterbury area did not lose access to health services. It was the PCSW that compiled data on the discrepancies in the salaries of men and women in CT doing the same job.  As you know the governor has responded, recently calling for more action on this issue. The PCSW has been working on issues like Human Trafficking for years, an issue which is receiving quite a bit of attention this session.  Proponents have benefitted from the work the PCSW has already done.