Because of their position, PCSW has the ability to monitor state policy on a broad range of issues. They do so in part by working with numerous coalitions and workgroups to bring women’s voices to different discussions and debates.  In the several years alone, PCSW was involved in legislative efforts to strengthen women’s earning capacity advocating around Equal Pay for Equal Work and Paid Sick Days bills.  In this economic climate, these legislative issues are extremely important for women, especially those who are the sole providers for their families.

But their work is not only focused on women’s economic position. Equally important is the work PCSW does to focus attention on the quality of services available to women and girls.  They have been actively involved in fighting against potential hospital mergers which might limit women’s access to reproductive health services.  Additionally they sit on the Commission for Child Support Guidelines which addresses how to make the state child support guidelines more effective and family friendly.  Both of these issues are vital to strengthening Connecticut’s families.