In his budget, released on Feb. 6, Gov. Malloy called for the consolidation of the legislative commissions, so that the PCSW would, effectively, be merged with the commissions on children, Asian-Americans, Latinos and African-Americans. We are well aware of the dire state of the budget. And yet we object strongly to the notion that women’s issues are interchangeable with those of other groups. And we question who is served well by this consolidation; one that the 1,435,664 women in Connecticut can ill afford.

On February 19, 2013, supporters of the PCSW turned out in full-force for a public hearing on our budget. Many thanks to everyone who submitted testimony and who spoke in person. We’ll keep you posted as legislative session moves forward.

Read the full testimony packet here.

Check out these YouTube videos of PCSW supporters testifying at our hearing:

Rosanna Cappetta

Susan Lewin

Jennifer Smith

Sten Spinella