Connecticut women make up a larger piece of the workforce and pay has improved, but disparities with their male counterparts remain persistent, according to a study by the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, a nonpartisan arm of the state legislature.

Women in the state had median annual earnings of $46,800 in 2012, which is higher than the national median of $37,000, but well below the $60,000 median salary earned by males in Connecticut, according to the report. That equates to 78 cents on the dollar.

PCSW said racial disparities also persist. For example, white women have a lower unemployment rate, higher median salaries and more education than Hispanic women.

In the wealthiest parts of the state, women earn just half of what males earn — $70,000 compared to $140,000.

There are also disparities by profession, the highest of which exist in the financial and medical fields. Female financial managers earn 56.5 percent of what male counterparts earn, while female surgeons and doctors earn 56 percent.

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