Hartford Courant – Susan Campbell


Remember CONNGap?

The state’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women will deliver a binder full of names and resumes of women qualified for about 40 top-level appointed positions in the new Malloy administration.

Members of the PCSW are prepared to meet with the governor-elect and his transition team so the agency can fulfill its promise to help the new administration find highly qualified women to serve in executive-level positions.

“In Connecticut, women are 51 percent of the population and 37 percent of paid executive level positions,” said Teresa C. Younger [pictured], executive director of PCSW and ConnGAP chair. “To her credit, Gov. Rell brought that number up to its current level and we look forward to working in partnership with the governor-elect to keep that momentum going. After all, in moving toward true gender parity and the elimination of gender discrimination, there’s no better place to start than in our own halls of power.”

The agency met with gubernatorial candidates before the election, and each signed a pledge to do his best to name women to half of his administration’s executive-level appointments. Each gubernatorial election cycle, the newly elected governor names dozens of people to appointments in the Executive Branch. The ConnGAP binder contains the resumes of 61 women who are qualified to serve in a number of these high-level positions.

Through ConnGAP, the PCSW will monitor the gender composition of the new administration’s appointees and will announce its first report on March 9, 2011 at the agency’s annual Women’s Day at the Capitol.

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