FROM: Teresa C. Younger, Executive Director

DATE: Oct, 22, 2013

RE: Sexual Assault on UConn Campus

“Sexual assault on campuses is a long-standing problem, so in 2012 the PCSW worked on a bill, PA 12-78 AAC Sexual Violence on College Campuses (HB 5031), requiring that each institution of higher education adopt and disclose a policy on sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Since there is a law on the books addressing this very issue – mandating that state colleges and universities develop and then follow a protocol addressing sexual assault, including reporting, counseling, disciplinary action, etc., the real question is: Is UConn following its own policy and does that policy adequately serve the campus community? If there is a protocol in place for students to report an incident, but victims are not being heard by the police or the administration, this is a grave violation of existing law.”