FROM: Carolyn Treiss, Executive Director, PCSW
DATE: March 23, 2015
RE: S.B. 636: An Act Concerning Affirmative Consent

“We are very pleased to see this bill advance. If passed, it will move the critical conversation about sexual consent from the reactive ‘no means no’ stance to a proactive recognition that ‘yes means yes.’ Although there are certainly times when women are the sexual aggressors, there remains an all-too-prevalent attitude that women’s bodies are, on some level, the legitimate domain of men. By requiring affirmative consent, campus policies will acknowledge that there are discriminatory power dynamics at work that can lead to sexual violence. And it sends an unambiguous message to the entire campus community that sexual intimacy must be a voluntarily shared experience and that no one has the right to presume a sense of entitlement over another person’s body.”