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Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in the building and construction trades?

From 1999 through 2007 the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women conducted a pre-apprenticeship training program for approximately 15 women a year who wanted to pursue a career in the building and construction trades. This program was funded by the CT Department of Labor, Office for Workforce Competitiveness, Capital Workforce Partners and the Hartford Jobs Funnel.

While we are gratified by the success many of these women have found, PCSW is now developing an economic security agenda that will benefit the entire state. This new agenda will promote economic self-sufficiency by supporting women’s entry into high-wage, high-growth industries. The agenda will also address the demand for workers in key sectors such as construction, alternative energy, high-tech manufacturing, and allied health technologies.

PCSW’s goal is to stimulate statewide economic growth by bringing an under-utilized portion of the workforce to high-paying jobs in sectors that will be hiring large numbers of new or replacement workers.

One of the first objectives of our new agenda is to use our experience to develop a pre-apprenticeship curriculum that can be adopted and adapted by organizations targeting women wishing to enter the building & construction trades.

PCSW believes its new approach will reach more women than we could in the past, and will ensure they will enjoy a greater number and variety of opportunities for economic advancement.

Listed below are some resources to point you in the path of pursuing a career in non-traditional employment:


Joint Apprenticeship Training Directors Committee of Connecticut

Connecticut Department of Labor

Hartford Jobs Funnel

20-28 Sargeant Street, 3rd Floor

Hartford, CT 06105


Hartford Jobs Funnel training programs. For details, click here.

Information regarding Construction Job Training Initiatives:

Waterbury Construction Career Initiatives

Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board Brownfield Job Training Program

New Haven’s Connecticut Workforce Initiative

200 Orange Street

New Haven, CT 06510


Protective Services

Are you interested in becoming a state trooper?

City of New Haven Fire Department

Information regarding a career in Corrections:

Information regarding the State Trooper Trainee program:

Information regarding a career in Protective Services:


Women in the Trades Exchange

Are you in the trades? Would you like to join our network of CT tradeswomen? Join here. (NEED FORM)

PCSW convenes gatherings of tradeswomen called Women in the Trades (WIT) Exchanges. These periodic gatherings are to help tradeswomen support each other, share information about regional and national WIT events and organizations, talk about job retention and compliance issues, and look forward to mentoring younger tradeswomen.