The PCSW provides information, research and analysis to elected officials and the public regarding issues affecting the status of women. The bills we testify on are representative of our priority issues. Our 2016 legislative priorities can be found here. Our Young Women Rising program has its own legislative priorities here. Additionally, the PCSW publishes a report of its legislative activity each year after session has ended.

2016 Testimony of the PCSW

Testimony is listed in chronological order by committee

Children’s Committee

H.B. 5302, AAC a Tax Credit for Employers Offering On-Site Child Care

H.B. 5137, An Act Exempting Disposable or Reusable Diapers from the Sales Tax

Education Committee

S.B. 378, An Act Concerning the Recommendations of the High School Graduation Requirements Task Force and H.B. 5557, An Act Concerning the Recruitment and Retention of Early Childhood Educators

S.B. 112, An Act Providing Child Care for Assistance Recipients in Approved Higher Education Programs

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee

H.B. 5109, An Act Establishing a Tax Credit Program for Employers Who Offer On-Site Child Day Care Options for Employees, H.B. 5121, An Act Establishing a Tax Credit for Dependent Child Care Costs & H.B. 5122, AAC Personal Income Tax Deductions for Contributions to Family & Medical Leave Benefit Accounts

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee

H.B. 5376, An Act Concerning Affirmative Consent

H.B. 5375, An Act Concerning the Connecticut Workforce Advancement Grants for Education and Women in Transition Programs

Housing Committee

S.B. 156, An Act Concerning the Data Collection and Analysis of Affordable Housing

Human Services Committee

H.B. No. 5436, AA Implementing Recommendations of the Task Force to Study Methods for Importing the Collection of Child Support, H.B. 5439, AAC the Elimination of Asset Limits in Certain Public Assistance Programs & S.B. 275, AAC Work Incentives for Persons Who Receive Temporary Family Assistance

H.B. 5250, AAC Contributions from Spouses of Institutionalized Medicaid Recipients and H.B. 5253, AAC Improvements to Income Withholding for Child Support

Insurance & Real Estate Committee

H.B. 5233, An Act Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Tomosynthesis for Breast Cancer Screenings

H.B. 5230, AA Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Fertility Preservation for Insureds Diagnosed with Cancer

Judiciary Committee

H.B. 5052, AA Strengthening Protections for Victims of Human Trafficking, H.B. 5054, AA Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence, H.B. 5597, AA Protecting Domestic Violence Victims Seeking Restraining Orders, H.B. 5621, AAC Human Trafficking, H.B. 5623, AAC Violence Against Women and Victims of Human Trafficking & H.B. 5605, AAC the Termination of Parental Rights

S.B. 324, An Act Concerning a Temporary Holding Period for Certain Family Violence Arrestees

Labor & Public Employees Committee

S.B. 393, An Act Concerning Domestic Workers

S.B. 221, An Act Concerning Paid Family and Medical Leave

H.B. 5237, An Act Concerning Fair Chance Employment, S.B. 39, AAC the Minimum Fair Wage and Employees Who Customarily and Regularly Review Gratuities & S.B. 314, AAC the Temporary Family Assistance Program and Unemployment Compensation Benefits

S.B. 39, An Act Concerning the Minimum Fair Wage and Employees who Customarily and Regularly Receive Gratuities and S.B. 42, An Act Concerning Employee Wages

Public Health Committee

S.B. 216, An Act Expanding the Sales Tax Exemption to include Feminine Hygiene Products and Disposable or Reusable Diapers

H.B. 5211, An Act Concerning Certificates of Need

H.B. 5131, An Act Establishing a Task Force on Nail Salons and Nail Technicians

Public Safety Committee

S.B. 118, An Act Concerning the Collection of Delinquent Taxes and Child Support from Lottery Winnings

Veterans Affairs Committee

S.B. 21, An Act Concerning the Military Department’s Nondiscrimination Laws and S.B. 205, An Act Concerning Women Veterans

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