Hartford Courant Letter to the Editor

Printed on 5/9/2011

We agree with The Courant’s Mother’s Day editorial that “to give mothers the recognition they deserve really calls for something big and dramatic.” But instead of a place on Mount Rushmore, cards and flowers, as The Courant suggests, we would like to suggest this big, dramatic and sensible “gift”: paid sick leave legislation. One cannot help but notice the cynical juxtaposition of the two editorials: praise mothers for taking care of “skinned knees” in the one, while in the other, denying them the time off to do just that. It’s hard to take care of those knees — and the larger ills they represent — when one is worried about losing pay and possibly even a livelihood. Study after study has shown that paid sick leave is good for business, and it honors mothers — and all workers — 365 days a year, not just one symbolic day in May.

-Teresa Younger, Executive Director, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women

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