Please read the following instructions carefully. Submitting your information is a two-step process and your package will only be considered complete if both steps are followed.

The Connecticut Government Appointments Project (ConnGAP) is a nonpartisan effort to encourage all women to be leaders by applying for an appointment within the new gubernatorial administration. ConnGAP will not endorse potential appointees, but will provide the new Governor and transition team with the names and resumes of qualified women interested in serving.

By submitting your information, you may be included in the materials presented to the Governor and transition team. It is important to note that your submission to ConnGAP does not replace the application that must be filled out through the Governors office. Additionally, by submitting your materials, you are agreeing with the mission of ConnGAP and understand that you will still need to complete an application for an appointment through the Governor’s official website when an application becomes available for an open appointment.

Submission of your materials to ConnGAP is a two-step process:

Step 1: Fill out the information in this form and click submit.

Step 2: Email a letter of interest and your most current resume to Both pieces must be received in order for your application to be complete.

When these two steps are complete your information will be submitted to ConnGAP. You can expect to hear from us late October or early November to find out if you will be included in the binder provided to the new Governor.

Resource: List of Appointments