CAMP 2016

As Communications Director, Christine Palm is the agency’s media liaison and writes, designs and produces all communications materials. She also gives PCSW’s Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention trainings to State agencies and educational institutions. A writer and editor all her professional life, she has served as media and communications director for the Office of the State Treasurer, and in a similar capacity for both Hartford Seminary and Hartford College for Women. She has applied her editorial skills to materials as diverse as the journals of playwright Arthur Miller, the Manhattan Public Schools Chess Initiative, The CBIA News, and The Harriet Beecher Stowe Journal. Christine has been a columnist for The Hartford Courant, taught journalism at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, and grammar at a camp for young writers at Kent School. She was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her essay writing.

Contact Information: Email:, Direct Line: 860-240-8449