By Jenny Wilson

The 55 female state legislators– Democrats and Republicans, Senators and Representatives–have put partisanship aside to jointly sponsor legislation to crack down on sex and labor trafficking.

boucherThey will hold a press conference Tuesday, March 12, to draw support for H.B. 5666: An Act Concerning The Forfeiture Of Moneys And Property Derived From Human Or Sex Trafficking. The legislation would impose stricter penalties on individuals found guilty of these crimes.

“This method of trading human beings for some reprehensible purposes must be stopped,” said Sen. Toni Boucher in the press release. “It is a modern day form of slavery mostly targeted on young vulnerable women. We must protect these innocent girls and be a voice for them in this ongoing fight to end an unimaginable horror.”

Teresa Younger, Executive Director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, praised the “non-partisan commitment to the elimination of this deplorable crime.”

“It’s rare for a majority of members of the two parties to agree on much, and for all the female members of all four caucuses to come together like this shows the priorities of women,” said Younger.

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